Sunday, June 19, 2011

Will you become an Official Find Lauren Search Organizer?

The Spierer family needs your help more than ever now. The search cannot go quiet and now we are asking you to take on a serious role. We need hundreds of you from around the world to become an Official Find Lauren Search Organizer.
  • Ask your boss if you can arrange a day that you and your staff come to #Bloomington and help with search efforts on the ground. Consider making the drive and staying for the full day.What a great opportunity for your business to give back and bond together as staff outside of the office. Tell people in your community what your business is doing, ask others to join you. Post a press release about your day of service to help Find Lauren on your website. If you are Chamber of Commerce member, ask that they write something for their publications or online to talk about your service project.
  • Do you have a group of friends and family that would be willing to come for a day or two? Tell people on your Facebook page or your Twitter feed that you are coming and want others to join you. Searches are needed for the weekend. Find a Saturday or Sunday and come on the weekend.
  • Do you belong to a business leads group, women's philanthropic organization, rotary, etc? Propose to those groups that you all take a road trip and come to Bloomington to help.
    • Contact your local newspaper/city magazine, etc. Ask them to write up a story about how 'Find Lauren needs volunteers' and you will head the efforts to arrange the details of getting people in your community to Bloomington.
    • Contact church groups, mom's groups, service organizations, not-for-profit organizations, etc. Tell them how the Spierer family needs groups to head into #Bloomington to search on the ground. Give them all the appropriate information to move forward. 
    • You are someone that won't take no for an answer, you will be persistent in your efforts to get people to Bloomington. You will have the knowledge to explain how Lauren went missing, the details for others to get involved in the search and direct all potential new advocates to You will help bring peace to the Spierer family.
      Many hotels and restaurants are taking care of those that are coming in to help with the search efforts, please call the Search Center phone number to gather all details you need before reaching out to these groups: (812) 855-5304.

      If you YOU can do this, please TWEET or post as your status on FACEBOOK now:

      I just became an Official #FindLauren Search Organizer. Won't you join me? Find out how you can too here: