Wednesday, May 30, 2012

1 year later, media coverage

This page will be continually updated with the recent coverage as we approach one year. Please continue to tweet about the efforts to #FindLauren #1YearLater. 

If you have blogged about Lauren approaching the #1YearLater mark, email and we'll add your blog to the list. Thank you for the continued support and coverage. 

Photo by Taryn Valenci
News Outlets (June 4-6)
Indianapolis Monthly
LoHud- New timeline details, interviews and reflections
IDS News- One Year Later
IU Community to remember missing student Lauren Spierer
Police- Lauren Spierer case still a priority
Weekend marks 1st anniversary of Indiana University's Lauren Spierer
Police: Several 'credible tips' received weekly in Lauren Spierer case
Spierer disappearance anniversary approaches, WTHR
The Today Show
Lauren Spierer: Friends' did 'nothing to help' her, parents say
Search For Lauren Spierer Continues In Indiana, One Year Later
WCSI- Community Gathers For Spierer Remembrance
WFMY NEWS 2- Missing co-ed's parents look for answers on one-year anniversary
My Fox NY- Lauren Spierer case one year later
Fox 59, Remembering Lauren Spierer (event photo)
Wane TV- IU marks year since Spierer disappeared

(June 3: #1YearLater)
Indy Star- IU student Lauren Spierer's disappearance remains a mystery one year later
Indy Star- A Year Lost, timeline
LoHud- New accounts say she staggered away after night of heavy drinking, drug use
Indy Star- Reporter tries to put himself in Lauren Spierer's place
Indy Star- Lauren Spierer: Vanished
Scarsdale Patch- Social Media Continues To Be Part Of The Quest To #FindLauren Spierer
Fox News- One year after Indiana University student Lauren Spierer disappeared, parents cling to hope  
Herald Times- Who’s who in the Lauren Spierer case, then and now
Herald TImes- Missing IU student Lauren Spierer: A year later
The Indy Channel- Spierer Disappearance Remains Mystery One Year Later
Gather- Lauren Spierer Missing for One Year
Scarsdale Patch- One Year Later, the search for Lauren Spierer continues
Fox News- A Year of Agonizing Mystery - and Hope
USA Today- Indiana student Lauren Spierer still missing one year later
WDRB- One Year Later
CBS News- Lauren Spierer Case: One year anniversary passes in Indiana University student's disappearance
Huffington Post- Lauren Spierer, Indiana University Student, Still Missing 1 Year Later
KY Post- Spierer disappearance remains mystery one year later

Malorie Janasek- Find Lauren Spierer
Chicago Now- Lauren Spierer, gone a year
Lain Garland- One Year Later
Megan Brandon Smart- #FindLauren
Chelsie Johnson- Lauren Spierer-One Year Later
Randy Frykberg- Righteous Rage
Lauren Hagan, For Lauren Spierer
Paula Kiger- One Year Later, A Family Walks in the Rain
Klaas Kid Foundation Blog- One Year Later, Where's Lauren?

Friday, May 11, 2012

#FindLauren Posters, an online photo project

Thanks for all of the submissions to the #FindLauren photo project. We quickly surpassed our goal and ended the project at 115 posters. If you submitted multiple photos, we used at least one from your series and sometimes more, so thank you! The support is incredible. Click to view the project 

With so much beauty in the world, we are calling on you to help us get creative with a poster series to help raise awareness to #FindLauren. You send us the picture, we turn it into a #FindLauren poster. Our goal? 100 posters.

Here are the guidelines:
  • You must own the image. It cannot be an image you pulled off of Google or another place. It can't be a photo you saw on another blog/site and saved... it must be your photo. Please don't get us into copyright trouble. 
  • Please don't submit a photo that has text on it. 
  • Your photo can be of anything (in good taste)... nature, family, something that reminds you of Lauren. This might architecture, Indiana University campus, a #FindLauren bracelet, your search experience. Anything beautiful will do. 
  • You can submit your photo one of two ways:
    • Tweet your photo and use hashtag #FindLauren 
    • Email your photo to
You can follow the poster series online by following us on our new Tumblr account built specifically to showcase the #FindLauren posters. Visit us at

We aren't going away until we have answers. Show the Spierer family your continued support until we #FindLauren.

Thank you for making this project and all awareness efforts a success. 

Thursday, May 10, 2012

May 8, 2011 – Mother’s Day…the last day we spent with Lauren.

How could a year have passed so quickly? 

Lauren, you are in our hearts every minute of every day. We remain committed to finding the answers, which will bring you home. We will never stop looking for you. 

All our love always, 

Mom, Dad and Rebecca

Consider the possibility that the person you are with today holds the key to unlock this mystery. Consider the possibility that the person you are with today is responsible for Lauren’s disappearance. Anything Small Could be Big. Make the call. Hoping today is the day.

Bloomington Police Department – 812.339.4477
Beau Dietl Associates – 800.777.9366
Find Lauren – PO Box 1226 – Bloomington, IN 47402