Sunday, June 19, 2011

Summary of today's activities to #FindLauren

Important tweets and links.
  •  State troopers, searchers and Fox 59 are searching along 37 in Martinsville. Maybe this is the tip they need. #PRAYFORSPIERER
  •  New tip leads police north of Bloomington in search for Lauren Spierer -
  • "BPD are following a lead, searching fields/wooded areas south of Martinsville/ north of Bloomington near State Road 37" (Via @FOX59)
  • Spierer search moves north near Martinsville - 13 WTHR:
  • Police follow phone call tip, search wooded area near Martinsville, nothing found: (via @IDSnews)
  • We just became an Official #FindLauren Search Organizer. Won't you join us? Find out how you can too here:
  • Searches can't go on if we don't have volunteers. Consider volunteering to be an Official #FindLauren Search Organizer:    
  • Police follow tip about missing student, search wooded area near Martinsville, nothing found (via @IDSNews)