Sunday, June 3, 2012

A message from the Spierer family, #1YearLater

#1YearLater... the day our lives changed.

I shyly opened the Twitter account on June 5, 2011. I wouldn't ever change that. I wouldn't change the Spierer's coming into my life and growing to love a young woman I have never met. I would, however, change what we know today... #1YearLater.

It would be selfish for me to talk about how difficult the last year has been working on the search to #FindLauren because I have no idea what it feels like to truly know and love Lauren. I only have the love for my own family and when I begin to consider how it must feel, it's a place I can't imagine. I know that I've wanted her to be found with every fiber of my being for a year straight. And I know that I'll continue to do all I can for this family until they have the answers they need. They are so kind, so loving and strong.

I'll confess that I was interested in helping because I can't begin to imagine this nightmare. I certainly never thought the search would last longer than a few days. And I had no idea that someone might have the answers and refuse to come forward. It's horrific. It's heartbreaking. It's truly unimaginable.

I'm also begging you to continue to tweet with me. Blog with me. And hope with me. It's important and vital. You are Lauren's biggest supporter. You are the reason this story went viral. Tomorrow we go on, until we have the answers they need.

Thank you, Malorie- without you I could have never powered through the last year.

All my love today and every day to the Spierer family,


#FindLauren #1YearLater

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Friday, June 1, 2012

Charlene Spierer- 4 Powerful Letters

Over the past year, Charlene Spierer has issued a number of letters through this blog. If you haven't read them, know they are painful to read. They are raw. They are honest. Hopefully, the right people will read her words and know the importance of coming forward.

#1YearLater #FindLauren

Day 50
3 months later
5 months later
9 months later