Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Show Support for Spierer Video Campaign

In Charlene's email to us (@NewsOnLaurenS) today, I was blown away by how gracious and strong Lauren's mother continues to be. She is still hopeful and and thankful for the efforts through this #Twitter account. The Spierer family will continue to need our support. They need our compassion. They need our encouragement... now, more than ever.

Today we are launching a Show Support for Spierer Video Campaign. And we need your help. We are looking for you to tell us about what the search to #FindLauren means to you.
  • What have you done to help?
  • Do you exceed your daily tweet limit? And why are you putting effort into doing that?
  • Why did you want to help?
  • Did you go on a search? If so, what was it like for you?
  • Can you relate to Lauren or her family? If so, how?
  • Did you go to IU? Does the school mean something to you?
  • Why is this so important to you?
  • Do you want to say something to the family to show them support or encouragement?

We'd ask that you consider the above questions and tell us how you are feeling about the search to #FindLauren. You can make the video with your best friend, your daughters, your mom, your sisters, your dad, or just you if you want.

Videos should be no longer than two minutes and links to your video should be sent to newsonlaurens@gmail.com. Videos can be uploaded through Vimeo, YouTube, etc. All we need is the link. Then, we will share the best as we go!

After you make your video tweet: I just sent in my video to Show Support for Spierer. #FindLauren @NewsOnLaurenS, missing since 6/3, findlauren.com

Monday, June 27, 2011

@NewsOnLaurenS Youtube Channel

Check out our #FindLauren videos here:


Also, if you have a video you made to Lauren or about how Lauren has had an impact on you, send it to newsonlaurens@gmail.com. We want the world to see how this beautiful girl has influenced you.

25 #Tweets to #FindLauren Challenge Participants!

A huge thank you goes out to those that completed our   
25 #Tweets to #FindLauren on Day 25 Challenge. 
Over 3,000 new tweets went out today and hundreds of new followers now know about Lauren. Strangers from all over the world, united to help the Spierer family find their youngest daughter and help bring peace to their life. At our busiest today, you were all tweeting over 43 tweets per minute
We could barely keep up!

If your influencers RTed your tweets, send us a screen capture to newsonlaurens@gmail.com and we'll add it to your impressive list.

This list was compiled at midnight of 6/27. If you tweeted and we missed it, send us an email at newsonlaurens@gmail.com. We'll add you to this impressive list!

Will you take the 25 #tweets to #FindLauren Challenge?

Can you send out 25 tweets for Lauren throughout your day? 
It's day 25 and we still need you help, more than ever. We are focused on keeping Lauren's name out in the media and it's important we get those Twitter influencers on board.

Why is this important in the search to #FindLauren? 
Your influence on #Twitter has gained national media attention and has influenced large agencies to help in the search to #FindLauren. If the dialogue continues, pressure also increases on those that might have more information to come forward.

Articles written about the #social media influence to help #FindLauren:
CNN Justice
Yahoo News
The Washington Post National
The Huffington Post
The Indy Channel
IDS News
ABC News

Who to tweet? Pick 25 and hit it hard! (List via twitaholic.com)

What should you ask them to tweet?
Use your power to influence others to #FindLauren, MISSING 25 days, http://twitpic.com/5842fw, follow @NewsOnLaurenS, findlauren.com

Now, what? 
Did an influencer tweet you back? If so, we'd like to know about it. Take a screen shot or send us the link to their handle. Send information to: newsonlaurens@gmail.com.

Did you finish the 25 #tweets to #FindLauren Challenge?
#Tweet @NewsOnLaurenS and tell us that you finished the 25 #tweets to #FindLauren Challenge on Day 25. From those tweets, we'll track who completed the challenge and list all challenge participants on our blog tomorrow!

Who has tweeted thus far to help #FindLauren:

Lauren's last known whereabouts, from Herald Times Online

By the Herald Times Online

More than 200 photos retracing Lauren Spierer's last known whereabouts.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Those that have power, influence to help #FindLauren.

We have been blessed to have celebrities, actors, TV/Radio personalities, athletes, journalists, news sources... (you name it!) tweet to help #FindLauren.

You all have sent out thousands of tweets since this account was opened on June 5. This community has told the world about beautiful Lauren and we have now hit over 25,000 followers.

Our work is not done, and you know that. You haven't stopped. Averaging at our busiest, over 17 tweets/per minute. Amazing. The Spierer family will always know what you did to make a difference and that these people below used their power to influence others to #FindLauren.

This list was last updated 6/28 1:30 pm. If an influencer you tweeted RTed back, send us a high-res screen capture (newsonlaurens@gmail.com) and we'll add it to our main list. It must be a screen capture for us to show.