Friday, June 24, 2011

Those that have power, influence to help #FindLauren.

We have been blessed to have celebrities, actors, TV/Radio personalities, athletes, journalists, news sources... (you name it!) tweet to help #FindLauren.

You all have sent out thousands of tweets since this account was opened on June 5. This community has told the world about beautiful Lauren and we have now hit over 25,000 followers.

Our work is not done, and you know that. You haven't stopped. Averaging at our busiest, over 17 tweets/per minute. Amazing. The Spierer family will always know what you did to make a difference and that these people below used their power to influence others to #FindLauren.

This list was last updated 6/28 1:30 pm. If an influencer you tweeted RTed back, send us a high-res screen capture ( and we'll add it to our main list. It must be a screen capture for us to show.