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June 22, info from a.m. press briefing


Post office box set up to collect tips for case of missing IU student Lauren Spierer

Story ImageBy Alex Farris | IDS
POSTED AT 01:18 PM ON Jun. 22, 2011  (UPDATED AT 01:53 PM ON Jun. 22, 2011)

After Bloomington Police Department Capt. Joe Qualters said the police are still in the information-gathering stage for the case of missing IU student Lauren Spierer, her mother, Charlene Spierer, provided one more way to collect that information.

“I am extremely disappointed by the fact that only one of Lauren’s friends have called the Bloomington Police Department with any information,” she said before providing a post office box address for people to put anonymous tips.

The address is Find Lauren, P.O. Box 1226, Bloomington, IN, 47402-1226.

“You can’t get much more anonymous than that,” Charlene said.

Qualters and Lauren’s father, Robert Spierer, both said that searches for Lauren, who went missing Friday, June 3, will continue. Qualters said that after meetings on Monday, law enforcement and others will keep searching at least through the weekend.

Qualters denied that there is a “mystery person” in any video that the police have analyzed, referring specifically to someone seen near the intersection of 10th Street and College Avenue.

“There is no one depicted in that video that is not already known to investigators,” he said.

Qualters said the BPD has interviewed nearly everyone on the second level of sources in the investigation and they have reviewed about 300 hours of video.

“This investigation is very much an ongoing situation,” Qualters said, despite less frequent press briefings and less information in those briefings.

He added that there is a lot of behind-the-scenes work still going on. He would not discuss that work because BPD had already established boundaries that it would not cross with the media.

“There is an investigative plan, there are people to be identified to be interviewed, and they stick with that plan,” Qualters said. “I’m going to have to leave the theories to the investigators.”

Robert  put out another call for volunteers to gather at McNutt Quad any time between 8 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. There were just less than 50 searchers Tuesday and about 30 early Wednesday searching land around Bloomington and in the northern part of Monroe County.

“There’s just so much to cover that everyday, we could use a little bit of help,” Robert said.

“This has become our normal,” Charlene said during her statement. “I don’t even know what life was before June 3.”

She described the call from her husband on that day. She was visiting family when Robert called her.

“Char, it’s Lauren,” Charlene reported Robert as saying. “She’s missing.”

Charlene asked why only one friend had called BPD with information.

“I guarantee you, Lauren would have been the first to call,” she said.

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