Monday, August 29, 2011

New IDS News insert by the Spierer's.

The Spierer's have taken out an insert ad in the Indiana Daily Student Newspaper that will be published today, August. 29.  Here is a copy of the ad they would like to share with you all.

The poster is printed in the insert along with the following text: 

A couple of years ago Lauren told me about a contact I should add to my cell phone. The contact is ICE. For those of you who don’t know, ICE stands for “in case of emergency.” I am Lauren’s ICE contact. My husband is my ICE contact and so it goes. Unfortunately, Lauren did not have her cell phone with her when she needed it the most–June 3, 2011. There has been much speculation in the media about Lauren’s disappearance. However, this is a fact…Lauren last used her cell phone at 12:16 a.m., just after midnight as June 2 became June 3 when she was still safely in the confines of Smallwood. Consider that fact when you read about Lauren’s case or hear her story. Let me repeat it: Lauren last used her cell phone at 12:16 a.m., just after midnight as June 2 became June 3 when she was still safely in the confines of Smallwood.

The purpose of what I am sharing with you is not to speculate about what happened. The purpose of this is to encourage people to take precautions to be safe.

Recently, we decided to explore the environs of Bloomington at 3:00 a.m. It was shocking to see a lone girl walking home with no shoes shortly thereafter. We are living with Lauren’s disappearance every minute of every day and thought, quite naively, that everyone else is doing the same. I said to someone recently that I hope what happened to Lauren will never happen to another person. That people will learn from this horrific episode in our lives. Alas, he didn’t think that would be the case. Clearly, he was correct.

If one person reads these words and benefits from them, we will be thankful. You are not invincible. Bad things happen to good people. You owe it to yourself to be safe. You owe it to yourself to choose your friends wisely and know that they will do the right thing if you need their help. You owe it to yourself to be the person who does the right thing for a friend. 911–think about it. Three numbers could make all the difference in the world to you, to a friend, to an acquaintance. Be safe. Choose your friends carefully. Take care of each other when the situation presents itself.

Lauren is a daughter, a sister, a best friend. She could be you. In the blink of an eye, she disappeared on June 3, 2011.

Rob, Charlene & Rebecca Spierer


SAFE is a simple word, just four letters, simply stated…
1. Affording security or protection from harm– a safe place
2. Free from danger– you’ll be safe here
3. Secure from risk; certain; sound–a safe investment; a safe bet
4. Worthy of trust; prudent– a safe companion

I emphasize the fourth phrase:
We are each ultimately responsible for our own actions. The reality is, you may find yourself in a less than safe situation at some point during your college career. I don’t think it is unreasonable to expect that the person you are with will have the decency to call 911 if necessary. Three numbers that could alter the outcome of your future.

What do you know about the disappearance of Lauren Spierer?
Anything Small Could Be Big. Speak Up. Your call could make the difference.
Bloomington Police Department 812.339.4477