Sunday, August 28, 2011

Another successful #FindLauren Day!

Over 180 volunteers came out in Bloomington today to repost new posters for the search to #FindLauren. "Thanks to all the volunteers who made today a success to help #FindLauren," said Charlene Spierer. Volunteer Mary Ann Ryan (pictured here with Joe Bailey) sent these words to us today after she returned from volunteering in Bloomington.

"Today was #FindLauren poster distribution day. Hugs were plentiful and hope renewed as #FindLauren posters were hung with love and faith. Every step we took seemed to be another step closer to bringing Lauren home. The sweetness and love in Mrs. Spierer's eyes and the strength and love in Mr. Spierer's voice are so very defining; without a thought or so much as a doubt we are drawn into their determination to bring Lauren home. When some of us came across a wall with a shadow looking up and the words: "There Is Always Hope", we put Lauren's poster on the wall and just felt that HOPE. FAITH and LOVE just as real and concrete as the wall itself."

A group of volunteers from the Facebook group Voices for Lauren continue to remain active in their advocacy work to support the Spierer's and #FindLauren.

Lauren's childhood friend, Blair Wallach, has returned to campus and remains committed to bring home her best friend. She has been busy helping since she arrived back in Bloomington. 

Grateful to all the businesses that continue to allow signs and posters to be hung to raise awareness. 

Recent coverage on the volunteer effort today to #FindLauren:  Search for missing student intensifies as classes resume