Thursday, July 14, 2011

25 Tips to Help the search to #FindLauren

Lauren has been missing for 42 days. After I type in that number, I just stare at it. And then... I don't normally know what to say. Each day I try to compose inspiring tweets, create interesting dialogue or just remind the world that we are here, everyday, trying to #FindLauren. Some days are easier than others.

And you all haven't forgotten. Many of you wake up thinking about her. Most of you fall alseep thinking about her. You don't stop telling people. You haven't stopped tweeting about her.

So, how can you continue to help? Here are some ways.

TIP 1: Take a day trip on the highway. Stop by information and visitor centers and tape up Lauren's poster. Encourage truck drivers to post the poster on their windows. (Posters found here: Posters for Print)

TIP 2: Attend your local summer festival and distribute Lauren's poster. Do you have a parade or local festival in your community? What about a baseball game or another sporting event? Take 200 posters and a few friends and stand outside and distribute posters. Talk to people. Tell them about Lauren.

TIP 3: Have a media connection in your area? Is it with your local newspaper or owners of outdoor billboards? Give them a call. See if they will donate that space (even if for a month) to publish an ad about Lauren. We can get you the artwork for the ad. Can you get us the space?

TIP 4: Upcoming job/health/kids/art/employment/women's fair in your area? Are you helping organize one or know someone organizing? Would they donate a table for you to set up information about the search to Find Lauren? We aren't meaning that you talk theory, we'd like to avoid that. We mean sitting at a table or booth and telling people about Lauren. Telling them how she is missing. Asking them to spread the word. And if people ask what you think happened, nod and say and right now we just need information about what happened or where she could be.

Tip 5: Tweet Lauren's info out to your followers... again. feeds move quickly, tweets get lost. Tweet this: 20 yr. old student, missing since 6/3, HELP #FindLauren,, follow @NewsOnLaurenS, 

Tip 6: Tweet 5-10 high profile people from this list and ask them to RT her info: 

Also, we'd like to get the following to cover Lauren's story:
Nancy Grace: @NancyGraceHLN
The View: @theviewtv (They did, but we need more!)
Live with Regis & Kelly: @KellyRipa

Tip 7: Tweet/write/call your local media and ask them to cover/keep covering the Lauren Spierer case to . Ask why they aren't covering this story if not. Tell them you want to hear more about it.

Tip 8: not your thing? Close to ? Arrange days off, assemble a team and come here! Distribute posters and tell everyone you can about Lauren.

Tip 9: Consider donating to help fund the search. $5, 10, $25, anything helps:  Without funds, the search can't go on.

Tip 10: She could be anywhere. People MUST see her. Consider changing your photo on your social media sites to:

Tip 11:
Pass on reward information, $100k and remind people of the anonymous tip line: (812) 339-4477. New PO Box for anonymous information (Set up on June 22): The address is Find Lauren, P.O. Box 1226, Bloomington, IN, 47402-1226.

Tip 12: Have you shared Lauren's picture w/the people you work with? Print out her poster, show it to all.

Tip 13: Do you have a blog? Blog it. Do you read blogs? Request your favorite bloggers to blog it. More info here:

Tip 14: #Facebook your thing? Post Lauren's poster on your page. Ask others to do the same:

Tip 15: Can you put her poster in your car window? At your local coffee shop? Ask pizza places to stick it on their deliveries?!

Tip 16:  Ask businesses to help. Do you have media/PR connections? Can you call them?

Tip 17: Organize a #FindLauren fundraiser. We've seen everything from T-shirts for Lauren to Smoothies for Lauren and Yoga in the park for Lauren. Anything raises awareness and funds to help them continue the search.

Tip 18: Ask the businesses you do business with to donate 10% of their proceeds to the search to

Tip 19: Have you written and submitted your letter to the Spierer family. You don't have to know the family personally. You can inspire them with your words as to why the search to #FindLauren has been important to you. More information here:

Tip 20: Attend the Ride 4 Lauren on July 30 in Bloomington and help distribute posters. We need riders and volunteers: Ride4Lauren

Tip 21: Make a video to show support to the Spierer family. We'll feature here on our blog. Show Support For Spierer Video Campaign

Tip 22: Check out the new redesign. More information about the changes here. Press release for the relaunch of

Tip 23: Follow @NewsOnLaurenS for the latest updates.

Tip 24: Do you have an idea how you or others could help? Email it to us and we'll add it to the list:

Tip 25: Don't stop until we #FindLauren. Never give up hope.