Sunday, July 3, 2011

Day 30.

Today marks 30 days Lauren Spierer has been missing. It's terribly sad to know we've made it this far without information to Lauren's whereabouts. It's heartbreaking to know the Spierer's will face another month without knowing what happened to their daughter.

This community was started on June 3 and by that evening we had 1,700 followers. Today, we've grown to over 26,000 people following @NewsOnLaurenS. Lauren's followers are caring and compassionate people that wake up each day in hopes of having more answers than the previous day. Every day they tweet, blog, post, RT, share, pray...all in an effort to #FindLauren. They, along with a larger community help the Spierer's power through another day trying to find their daughter. And without your inspiring words, small & big prayers and powerful tweets, I would struggle to keep up. Lauren's mom, uncle and Lauren's best friend's Blair and Amanda have all reached out to me on a regular basis and continue to be very gracious for our efforts to keep Lauren's name and info out in the digital world. So, to all of you, thank you. I have been blessed with your company, support, help and empowerment for the last 30 days.

Every day is a day too long. We all know it's time for those that were involved to come forward with what they know. But, what will make them come forward now? I keep thinking they will have a change of heart and realize that's OK to tell someone what happened. Maybe I've given them too much credit. Maybe they don't have a heart at all. Maybe that's what got them in this situation to start with.

What I do know is that the truth will come out. Bit by bit. All of it.

If you know what happened, even if it's second-hand information, please create an anonymous email address. Create an anonymous gmail account and send them an email, give them anything you have. Be humane.