Sunday, November 6, 2011

"Help us find the answers and the posters will come down."

Shortly after the disappearance of Lauren Spierer, a number of Facebook groups were formed to help support the efforts to #FindLauren. After five months, many have since changed their focus or deleted the groups entirely due to lack of focus and power struggles. However, one group of advocates continued to remain focused in the search to #Find Lauren and facilitate a positive influence to support the group.

The Facebook group Voices for Lauren was created on July 7 with a mission to "help spread the word and contribute to the efforts to find Lauren Spierer."

"Many groups were formed to speculate, talk theory, point fingers, engage in accusatory statements, but we made sure to lay down the law early on and remain consistent in managing the group," Administrator Mary Ann Ryan said.

With over 133 members, the administrators clearly identified guidelines such as rule number 2, "Positivity- The Spierer's do not wish to see negativity. It hurts their feelings and we sympathize with them. Therefore, let us try to be positive, hopeful and thoughtful."

"These rules are really important. Not only do they need to be clearly stated, they needed to be enforced. Facebook can grow out of control rather quickly. We made sure we created a safe place for the Spierer's to stop in and see a place of support and creating these rules were vital, " said Ryan.

Voices for Lauren continued to brainstorm on ways to help after 5 months. After a recently published response from Charlene Spierer, members of the group created P.U.M.P. (Put Up More Posters) for Lauren. Devoted member Kristen Mills came up with the idea and immediately saw the event go viral.

"We are so excited that the IDS News covered the event beforehand. The community was supporting our effort to get back out there and remind everyone that someone still knows something and no one is going to quit until the Spierer's get answers," said another administrator Joe Bailey. "Today, we had great coverage from WTHR and Fox59 was here most of the day!"

Hundreds of new posters were posted on Saturday thanks to P.U.M.P.

"I didn't know the Spierer's before Lauren's disappearance, but I am a mom and every parent deserves to know the truth. We won't quit supporting them until they get the truth," said Ryan. "In the middle of all this chaos though I am reminded what an amazing group of people that have come together for one purpose- to help strangers in a time of need. We have been blessed with such a strong and caring group, and for that, I will always be grateful."

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