Sunday, February 12, 2012

University of Michigan college student motivated to do more

A University of Michigan student decided she would raise funds for the search to #FindLauren. Every day, more and more people continue to find ways to help bring Lauren home. 

"I could not help but think how easily this could happen to one of my sisters, friends, or to myself. As a Greek community of college women I know that our contributions could significantly support the Spierers. Funds will be donated to the family to assist in the investigation that we hope will ultimately bring those responsible for this heartbreaking crime to justice. Assuming that on average there are 180 girls in each chapter, even if half of the women in each chapter donated $2 (probably less than you spend on your favorite Starbuck’s drink!) a check for almost $3,000 would be able to be written to the Spierers. Could you imagine if we got the support of every sister campus wide? Donating and spreading the word supports the Spierers tremendously, and helps to ensure a similar tragedy does not take place on our own campus. Keep yourself and your sisters safe by walking home in groups and be conscious of crime alerts taking place in Ann Arbor and on campus."