Thursday, September 22, 2011

Today's the day... #Shine4Lauren Concert!

"Thanks to the IU and Bloomington community. We hope to see everyone at the #Shine4Lauren concert tonight. Let today be the day. It just takes one person to have the courage to come forward. Be that person."  -Charlene Spierer

We hope you will join us on several walks to the concert throughout Bloomington. All walks begin at 6:20 and will take us to Dunn Meadow. 

Map courtesy of IDS News. 
Get your flashlight app here!

#Shine4Lauren Facebook Page

If you can't make it to Bloomington, please watch the live stream of the event on starting at 7 p.m. and tweet with the hashtag #Shine4Lauren to make it a trending topic! 

Thanks to everyone that is making this event possible and continues to hope everyday that Lauren returns. Our prayers and loving thoughts continue to surround the Spierer family.